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The Tempest Without the Hurricane
Discuss issues and poetry with other readers et al!

The Tempest Without the Hurricane General Forum
Political poetry by Marc Aupiais- suggest topics or ideas, or discuss his poems!

General, and Recurrent Themes in the poems
Discuss themes Marc Aupiais or any additional authors use often in their works on Tempest!

Politics and life of world, man, humanity and religion
A look into the political and religious nature of everyday religion and life!

Navigating public views, sainthood and opinion
What is ethical in any given situation, depends on much. Often, driven only by emotion, people misrepresent situations. What would a live saint do in a situation, what is the minimum we expect from other people.... What is truth and love after this all?

The source of political and personal ideas and thought
Where do your thoughts originate, ask yourself this of you and of others! Discuss this, in meta-political situations, and in poetry, and our works!

Dignity, life and personhood
What is to have dignity, what is to have life, what is to have been observed as dignity or of life, what is personhood, and humanity, discuss these here!

The altered influences of time and aeviternal paths
Mankind is finite is he not? That is to say he is still alterable, although there are aeviternal things about him, things which once could be changed, but no more. Time refers to changeability. Discuss change in this forum, and that which conserves its form!

The everyday issues of everyday life
Discuss how larger and smaller issues affect everyday life or will or have affected everyday life of ordinary and other individuals!

Life changing politics
Issues and politics which drastic or powerful affects!

Life changing events in everyday life
Events, people, issues, love, which changes everything in life, or important things!

Human, family, faith, matrimonial, animal, environmental, religious and other special interests
Discuss the things people consider to matter most!