Monday, August 23, 2010

Trivial things- dear bishops care for

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Trivial things- over which diplomats fight,
It seems too be the things for bishops- rights!

Affairs of state are affairs of church!
Far be it to focus on morality!

No- politics,
Yes- those few deaths-
And rights hardly affected-
And that that the -bad- educators' board.
Who were so -unwise-

It isn't their place to speak of life-
They hardly care for moral lights-
Could they spot the Vatican on a map?

Yet wage action-
Their voice is loud-

All these rights that people have-
Allowances of state not God!

Yet the bishops speak and solidly rebuke!

"Any Catholic"- any faithful Catholic would not none the less-
Shall the unfaithful swine hear your voice?

Foxy Wilfred Napier?

So the bishops moan,
And decry as though to hell-

Not the heretic of old-
But the poverty stricken-
Desperate donkey-
Who dares cut off a hospital in Today!

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