Friday, September 24, 2010

Blessed Mary of Australia

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Excommunicated, Miss Mary was!
Joan of arc de'ja' vu!
Kicked out for upsetting the wrong,
The evil Pharisees who closed Heaven's gates,

She had the man,
And exposed an evil priest,
Sex abuse:
Every institution,
Yet what response?

Excommunicated saint she was!
Conscience first!
Justice first!
And love of the weakest of all the weak!

Something society forgot-
Then and now;
Protection, government, money and politicals!

And the poor then as now-
While help is spoken,
Shown, photographed!

Die in droves!
Excommunicated saint!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Will you leave the bone alone, United now in folly

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The fools, who predicted doom,
Upon the emperor of our world!
As he visited the nation,
Which did quite simply,
Reject him, and his God!

Yet he impressed them who pursued his doom,
He tricked those who wanted his gloom!

And the nation without God embarrassed themselves!
Unable to imperial-condemn
The servant of the One
True God!

If only our own "bishops"
Said the same,
They said,
What a message,
Even if we hate his living guts?

All you could say as he forced a retreat,
United Kingdom,
United in sins,

Yet the British people,
They liked Mr Benedict XVI Pope!

And United it is,
Soon to be annexed by Rome!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The blue minibus taxi

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A blue minibus taxi,
A blue overly-packed poor souls transport,
And a man.

He fought the driver,

Just out of range...
Suddenly stopped taxi.

A shambok,
A long cane stick,

Yet the aguer out of the taxi driver's reach,

We reversed.
We waited,

I wanted to photograph the number plate!
A shambok and loud words,
Then a gun.

Its the gun the police arrested him for,
Our statements weren't enough for the rest!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heroes all, even the cowardly 9/11 11/9

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Only a date they say,
Not World Trade Center Attack,
American Tragedy, Selfishly Guarded.

Guarded even from their own,
And any real sense of reality.

Heroes all,
The Bishop did say,
Heroes those who died,
What, because they died?

These cowards who leapt to their deaths,
Who likely knew not at all their fate,
For fear,
Stupidity and weary tears?

Corporate Tycoons,
And conductors of theft?
Waiters, and everyday people of men?

Heroes all,

But don't be bigoted,
9 years on, let's not be phobic!

9 years on,
Many weren't alive,
The past-time, of bishop,
And the American state,
Of the Affairs of their women and their men!

Heroes all, because they died,
And those who gave their lives for Allah?
Cowards- who went to their death as much?
As worthy of death, as some they killed?

"Heroes" all: Americans spent!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Death she stands as clear as day- as America did call 911

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A tragedy, a travesty!
Madmen on a jumbo plain!
An elephantine terror,
A Byzantine night!

America would go to war!
Innocents, lose life!

American blood,
American lives-

All their nation stands for
Now and today!

Al Qaeda-
With 911- they dialled
The corrupted world police!

Revenge and sin-
The American way.

Qur'ans to be burnt,
Or is it Korans.

Lives they remember,
From the Firepower hazard,
World trade center!

An immoral nation,
A tragedy!

Today we remember those who died,
Of America's death wars,
Avenging American-American lives!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prayer fixes all

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I am who I am,
And prayer fixes all,
It orders the streams-

Sends us the rain,

It tells the cars at the intersection,
When to go,
And when to pull rein!

Prayer orders us,
It orders the heart!
And listen us-
To God's own heart!

Prayer renews,
It need not fix,

It regrows,
Where sin did mix!

Truth and prayer make the world go round,
Confess all sins,
Dear maiden and mare!

To God do head,
His Cathedral,
His which is sound,

And empty all there!
Cry to or God!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What South African Talks About a Loaded Gun

Poem by Marc Aupiais

What South African Talks
About a Loaded Gun,
Every gun is loaded,

Most households have one,

Not for sports, not for fun,
Though killing to some is quite fun!

I say it's dumb, done, not fun!

What South African talks of a loaded gun!
Clearly the song isn't South African,

Loaded, is every gun!

A woman drowns puppies, in a stream in the light

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A woman drowns puppies, in a stream in the light
Disturbed they call her,
Stop your death threats:

Puppies often drowns,
Tradition of the runt,
Yet she threw the little of puppies,
Like little into the bottom of the river's dear death bed.
Puppy after puppy,
Like a ball over the tennis net.

Perhaps in mimicry, of the cat trashing lady.

And now there's a campaign,
Find and ID her,
Puppy littering mind,

Prosecution certainly,
Animals are right.

Yet many of these support abortion,
The taking of human life.

What's so wrong with drowning puppies,
Common an occurrence:

What is wrong,
Is treating them as not life,
As not dignified animals,
Worthy of life,

Yet had she drowned them in the dead of night,
Just as dead,
But no uproar,
Uproar oft only comes of visual,
Of direct sight!

Mweb Inter-not

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Hours on the phone for what,
They certainly know what is what,
Reports filed,
hours of not,
Read the fine print,
It's inter-not

Sound quite smart,
To make clients feel dumb,
Problem to be fixed,
Number one!

Telkom's problem,
Wonderful line,
So I bought from Telkom, did I not?

Nothing wrong, Telkom says,
Mweb said the opposite,
Should one expect to get what one's money said?
I hope they meant, everything's fixed.

Still doesn't feel like its working,
But one's ego sure is bruised.
South African internet,
They sure do smile when they serve you up!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tragedy in the gulf, yes, part II of oil nights

Poem by Marc Aupiais

This time a local company,
A Texan oil firm,
A slight spill of oil,
quick to evaporate!

It wasn't oil drilling, just relieving the earth
Of crude, heavy or light!

Unlike the rig BP leant out,
To some unknown foreign firm-
The workers jumped to safety,
Into a safe blue sea.
No Deaths,
Or deadly oil spill!

Local, and caring for life!

The moon is shrinking, rejected for romance

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Like any beautiful woman, the moon is alive,
She's shrinking, the Humans at NASA said,
Contracting into herself, like a spurned lover's heart!

Quite slowly, cautiously, hoping her lover, earth will give a start
8 00 million years is in astrological terms, though quite fast.

Weeping, holding her broken limb,
Yet beautiful moon, my lover,
She sways my ocean tides,
Withdrawn into herself,
Separated, by kilometres from Earth,

Moon, my romantic lover,
NASA says she's mine!

Alive and moving,
Geologically a might!

Don't contract moon, come and make my heart feel ultra-light!
Reflect the Sun of glory,
Light up my darkest night!

Notre Dame the Lady who damned a family man

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Notre Dame,
American campus,
Our lady, does quarrel so much!

She doesn't like bishops,
She loves presidents and paychecks!
But not pro-test-ors,
Not professionals for life!

A family man- two adopted children,
Was that the crime,
Or was restructuring due this time?
One man restructured out of a job!

The same man who aired,
His differences- his support for the Catholic pro-life!

They arrested all protesters who objected to the speech,
A Catholic university,
A commencement speech!

Notre Dame, our lady,
Would cry in heaven's sleep-
Christ's kingdom of heaven!
Notre Dame's is of earth!

Whatever your cause- your ally is not God but death!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I wasn't going to write on it,
The man man who made a Discovery,
Who took hostages of a tv net!

Clearly he's never watched their network!
Whale wars- explosive sets!

Yet the madman- branded Eco-Terrorist; the economy unaware eco-movement:

Dangerous in the States,
They said!

And it's not just their smell or bad dress sense!

Conservation is great-
But whatever your cause;

If you have no conscience,
No methods but the cause:
Ride over other people;
Too far you head!

A human life- nothing less!
Human special interests-
The only reason for real conservationists!

Human life- the Water of Life,
That which guides, aids animal life!

If there are no moral methods-
Then no just cause.

Let's not predict armageddon,
Without that-
Man has smarts!

Maybe so or not,
But mankind before animals!

Hapless idiots-
Whose methods serve only death!

The basis of the caveman craze

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Bearded wild hobos,
Cavemen with guns and bombs,
Forget couch potatos-
Chill out in some Afghani caves!

23 virgins- but delivery after death-
Sorry you can't enjoy them-
With the zest of life!?

The question is-
Do they remain virgins,
Does Paradise reproduce child-s!?

Al Qaeda- The Basis-
Causing terror to fashion designers,
In Paris (pronounce paree) and Milan!

Free demolition of bad architecture!
Delivery included!

Just don't smell them too much!
They use airborne bacteria to cause-
Some alarm!

They don't much like planes,
Not plain enough to satisfy The Base!

A threat to world order,
Certainly to fashion sense!

How often do they bathe?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Murder by water- in Pakistan

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Rich landowners,
Against the infidel!
Pakistani floods;
Diverted from land;

Into the poor villages,
Hindu and Christian:
Into the defenceless villages of

those quite weak!

So the claims go,
In divided Pakistan!
The Islamic Republic!

Sends others to heaven or hell!
Hades in site, had terrible foresight!

Divert the rivers-
So others must die!

What is my inspiration

Poem by Marc Aupiais

We look at a desert world!
Beauty and acclaim!
Death and men ashamed!
Love- not inane!

The Southern Cross-
A star's family ties!
I look to the night-time skies!

The moon- my love in tides!
Do we long for history?
America and the Reds?

Yet, then we were not good,
South Africa never was, nor is!?

From Dutch colony,
To British blood!
Concentrate, camps first here!

What is war and apathy?
Decay around,
World tainted, forest, world tainted Green!
Decay in forest, seen!

I cry- at pointless words of mean!
News, stories, and magazines!

Violence, injustice,
What was love?

Not kindness-
Kindness kills-
A merciful judge-
A travesty!

Judge not?
A judge is honourable!

True love does not stand by!
What would it let us our own hurt?

True love stands-
It does not die!

Nor does it change,
Should society change like the thrown die!

It stands-
It did when need!

Truth is love-
Not foolish orgies!

Zuma needs warriors- For South Africa's peaceful wars

Poem by Marc Aupiais

AU UN, words which justify!
South Africans on the continent!
Fighting No Man's wars!

Peace keeper- good and shameful!
We secretly choose where to interfere!

What is internal!
What requires actions!

Our solders- secretly at war-
Not secretly-
But not centre to our press!

Not heroes, secretly!
Fighting for us,
And the interests of the ANC!

Warriors- in Africa-
South Africa's forbidden, naughty love child!

I hear a song, this truth tempts thought within my veins and arteries

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My senses tickled by a beat-
Beautiful music,
Astounding lack of heat!

A song quite foreign-
It finds my senses not oblique!

I love the sound,
Senses do not like a sheep causes sleep!

Sheepishly - I enjoy a climatic beat!
Music, to which I listen in my seat!

The next song I dislike,
It strikes my conscience,
Not virile, vile!

I dislike the anti-human beat!

I wonder at my sensibilities-
What is of me?

What is about my culture,
My friends, faith and family?

And what of these thoughts-
Is rawly of dear me?

All's fair in love and war!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

National Socialists, they said it did they not:
All's fair in love and war;

Brunettes not welcome:
Nor Africans or Jews;

All's fair-
But Hitler's hair,
And many a National Socialist;

Not Aryan, but of the area,
All's so fair in love and war!

What's anything wrong with brunettes?

America wants... That's quite okay!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Je dis,
It's quite unlovable!

Ek se;
Hoekom is dit?

Are we unworthy of speech?
Our own values and morals?

Yet America thinks not!
They must draft our constitutions,
Make our laws!

They must dictate our morals,
Our ways of combatting disease!

Their aid is all important:
They destroyed our alternatives!

And the demons they like most-
Robert Mugabe, Apartheid!

They and their press support-
Until they don't-

... Damage not undone!

They say we must sterilise ourselves... Our children,
Abort what comes of love!

We must wear condoms-
Marriage? What is that?

Africa must bow down,
Peer pressure from the:

United interferers who State America knows love!

Human rights-
They say that often-

Though are they right on what is rights?

Human- are we equal to them?
Must we live there for lives of worth?

I wonder as I watch American actors,
On an American based set!

Made for American TV!

An iconic ironic image and news form

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Quite the iconic image-
In today's Johannesburg Star-
Mozambique is rioting-
Food- water- supplies...

Nothing quite simple or small-
A perfect image- Johannesburg Star-

Johannesburg top paper-
Johannesburg Star!

Police with their assault rifles,
A brigade of armoured,
Vehicled spun!

Riots in Moz-
Mozambique issues,
Troubling to bears!

Our little sister in Troubles-
South Africa-
Airs her concerns-
Media and paper-
Lil sis Moz!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A tea party on land

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A Tea Party on Land,
Not the crazies who threw merchandise overboard,
Not of necessity,
But tax evader, sequentiality!

And thus, the same:
Angry with taxes,
With the only government in the world,
which thinks debt is good!

America, America, Land of the too Free,
The just don't tax us,
And the brave people who recklessly slay!

A tea party they have:
Don't forget who must host:

Alaska's always welcome,
And some Foxy television, or Radio Host!

Maybe she'll shoot, at bears or garden gnomes,

Yet, what are they protesting,
The regular looking average folk?

With tea parties,
But without manners,
And no British accents?

Nor a consumer protest, on taxes on afternoon tea?

No, they protest action, and inaction,
Like the war movement once did,

As change America brays again,
Change and hope, transferred epithets?
Can a Nation Hope, or feel faith?

One change didn't work,
But any smart reader, knew it to boot,

Yet tea parties,
With no British accent,

Really a shame,

Economic conservatives,
Penny box savers,

The real shame, is not the mockery,
The making fun of British class,

No, the true shame is simple,

And really askew:

America voted...

It always starts that way!

Poor condemned Iraq- America's chew toy- thrown to dust

Poem by Marc Aupiais

It's hard not to hate an Arrogant West,
That is something they'll say for sure!

Shame really, is it not,
America prematurely leaving Iraq:

Having ravished the place dry,
Gaining oil and allies,
As innocent blood lined the streets,
And American Press,
So Free of Speech,
Neglected to cover genocide,
Least their presidents be impeached!

American lives,
The Response to Wikileaks,

When they withdraw from Chew-toy Iraq, Tossed into sand,
Without a real government, and a democracy not true,
How many more must die, for the cameras and lights?

Poor condemned Iraq- America's chew toy- thrown to dust
Shall they ever rebuild what they destroyed?
Mercenaries instead,
From all over the world,
Soldiers forced to fight their unjust war,
Now withdraw,
Leaving fright, and quite blight!

America, you Harpy,
How dare you invade,
Destroy valid authority,
To Bath them in blood!

Oh, what a war,
And all for some buildings,
A few thousand people,
More die in a day!

Twin Wars, for Twin Towers:
Afghanistan and Iraq,
And don't forget the foolish Muslims, who wanted a mosque

Why they'd choose "Ground Zero", nobody knows:
Such a gated community,
With Strip Clubs and Bars.

Perhaps the Muslim ladies wear to much clothes?
Perhaps Human LIVES, mean nothing to West!

I fasted when they invaded poor Iraq,
Unjust War, a Crime against man,
And now, as they withdraw, I'm tempted to weep:

For promises and publicity,
To a Homeland Press:

Yet, in Iraq,
Instability reigns:

Minorities, and Christians,
Mean little to the Nation who invoked
Christ and God,
To put opposition to rest.

Well done America, Obama and Bush,

Iraq, Babylon burns,
Like in the prophesy, Babylon gone,

Yet, is it the rich nation which deceived the world,
The prostitute, which was driven by greed?

Did congress or the UN call war, unseed?

Yet, even if they had,
It would still have been unjust,

And those whose lives were ruined,
Are left to cry into mounds of desert dust
As memories burn,
More vivid than Moses' dear Bush,
Destruction wrought,

By the makers, World famous, heroes
Of the only Nuclear Genocide!
And of course: of Afghanist,

And of Hades!

The keys of the world,
America claims, are dollar signs!

Poor condemned Iraq- America's chew toy- thrown to dust

Poor condemned Iraq- America's chew toy- thrown to dust

Poor condemned Iraq- America's chew toy- thrown to dust

And to dust does Babylon return,
Dead, it fades on sands of time!