Thursday, September 2, 2010

America wants... That's quite okay!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Je dis,
It's quite unlovable!

Ek se;
Hoekom is dit?

Are we unworthy of speech?
Our own values and morals?

Yet America thinks not!
They must draft our constitutions,
Make our laws!

They must dictate our morals,
Our ways of combatting disease!

Their aid is all important:
They destroyed our alternatives!

And the demons they like most-
Robert Mugabe, Apartheid!

They and their press support-
Until they don't-

... Damage not undone!

They say we must sterilise ourselves... Our children,
Abort what comes of love!

We must wear condoms-
Marriage? What is that?

Africa must bow down,
Peer pressure from the:

United interferers who State America knows love!

Human rights-
They say that often-

Though are they right on what is rights?

Human- are we equal to them?
Must we live there for lives of worth?

I wonder as I watch American actors,
On an American based set!

Made for American TV!

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