Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Katrina and the Catholic bishop and university who betrayed God and faith

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Dear Bishop said-
"We're burying Katrina"
After the hurricane's funeral-
Something the church denied many a human being-
For one does not honour the damned in that way.

Yet many put hands in an empty coffin-
Leaving letters to the wind.

Ridiculous mockery-
A pagan mourning!
An inanimate wind!

And here comes Obama-
The Saviour of the world-
Who died for it to live-
Wait- no he didn't!

Yet the Bishop puts politics before Christ!
The local university will host the Nation's President!
Their God!

Despite regulations and morality saying they should not!
And the Bishop- while not present!
Refused to be drawn in!
Like police who won't come to a murder!
What is a dear infant to him?

Or the fate of moral men-
Crushed under his God Obama's feet!

And Obama used the opportunity for politics-
And to lie- about the blood of oil-
Which he poisoned the gulf with!
The burning and cleaning-
Which will destroy for years to come!

What is God?
To the archbishop's God!

For the true God made funerals for men,
Universities for truth!
And bishops to defend the weakest of men!

Bow down bishop-
To your God and Leader-

Worship him-
You sorry man!

For we are nothing to you-
The inhabitants of God!
Nor is the memory of men much!
A funeral for Katrina-
Not a memorial of individuals!

When you die-
Your funeral will bring shame!

You deserve it denied as much as Katrina-
Sacrilege is your name!

Yet you'll be buried with honour!
Like the many bishops who've betrayed my God!

Whose actions make long lines of innocents into hell!
And turn the word of God into shame!

I will pray not for your forgiveness,
But for your ruin!

For the mercy of God!
On the servants you've damned!

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