Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 candidates- change hits Australia

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Two- they say were odd-
He said he was underdog-

Classical Australian-
Vulgar mouth-
Straight talker-
Climate change- what is that he asks!
Mad monk Abbott-
Former seminarian-
Christian in politics-
No Christian Politician is he-
In darkest Greyest Australian desert scene!

Gillard- who'd waste money for votes-
Raise taxes for what would she-
The atheist Cohabitation practitioner-
Who believes marriage a special mint in the Wisdom of Oz!

One would waste money-
The other hold back too much!
Australia is in debt!
The parliament is hung!

Hung like a flag-
Prisoners to the people!

Labour got Rudd of the past!
Perhaps too early-
Too soon-
But he would have lost the election!
Said it not the polls?

Mad Monk Abbott!
Gillard- the woman atheist who practiced did she-
Cohabitation- shall she now again now!

Two choices!
Two Australias!

And now the destruction!
Must re-evalutate!
A blast from the past!
Has unsettled all!

Vulgar Abbot!
A bastard many love!

Vulgar Abbot!
Mad Monk!
We Salute thee!
Well done!
Mad Monk!
Well done!

Though he swore it wouldn't be!
What an underhanded tactic!
Mad Monk!
Unstable bet!
But Coalition made it!
None and less!

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