Monday, August 9, 2010

Tempting rocks

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Was simple enough, simply say no!
But simple is never simple!
Not when the pride and ego have a way!

She took the resource and sold her soul-
Even if she gave it to a man who clung to it so many years!

Odd- how useful charity is-

She broke the law if she accepted them-
Here and a abroad!

But who can resist a dictator's charms?
Surely wasn't her!

A few rocks she says-
Pebbles really!

Really we are foolish!
What is more sensual than a man!

Who allegedly mutilates
his peoples?

Or so one may suppose!
If the media's at all correct!

Surely though! Whatever your colour!
You forsook Africa long long ago!

And left us in the dark-
Your career meaning all!

Or perhaps the talkers are wrong?
Maybe you are more than looks!

Not much appeal to me-
Quite flashy- not ostentatious!

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