Friday, October 1, 2010

God don't bless America and ain't no place else

Poem by Marc Aupiais

God don't bless America,
They've had blessing reigns enough!

Don't bless their sinful guise,
Their money and lies!

God don't bless America,
God let them Go Broke!
Stop them "aiding" the rest of us,
In arrogance abundant,
Though lack of much!

God don't bless America,
Save our children from that tyra-nasaur

Turn their blessings on them,
Give them crime, suicide and maternal deaths,
Teach them to hurt themselves with painful lives!

And when they do,
As the will,
Wish to reproduce!

Tell them their children aren't welcome in our world!

God condemn America-
An Unborn Prayer,

The words wrongly translated,
From the illiterate,
Aborted dreams,
Who Arrogant, revoltable America gives so much AIDS!

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