Sunday, June 5, 2011

Death of an enemy!?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

It confounds me, my hatred!
It perplexes, me!

The joy at your death!
As I watch the end of your last breath!

Perhaps on a tv set!

And I hope,
Should the death count rise?
And the evil enemy of your people,
I cry when they die!
Because they were killing you!

And I look at you!
Propaganda people!

And I image: in my mind:
Your flag burning!
Your capital on fire!
Nuclear holocaust!

Oh! Such joy!

I wonder!
The death of an enemy!
Even of an unborn child?

Your manners, your evil ways, of death!

I rejoice should you die?

Though the news says I should,
And the views call you monsters!
I think of one of you,
Just of one!

And I'm glad!
I never burnt your flag!

And I was not the martyr!
The television set subtly praised!

Propaganda people!
Pitiable force for goods!

Likely you will destroy us all!
But I cannot hate!
Whatever the tv and world does slate!

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