Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Falling bombs - on Tripoli

Poem by Marc Aupiais

OH! The men of war!
OH! The handsome murderers!
How them we adore;
Parade like heroes;
These KILLERS of women and children;

Indeed; the Ape-Men of Libya;
Sent to pillage and rape;
To kill the villagers;
To throw them off the plateau;
Unto rocks and bamboo piles;

And yet;
Even then;
Were the children spared;
Women not murdered;
Babies not slaughtered;

Though ape men then;
Only warriors; not worriers killed;

And above does the falcon stream;
And below does the gunship patrol;

As again and again;
Suspicious for nationality; killed;

For America bombed Tripoli;
And Tripoli are people;
Not war-men!

As elections start to approach;

Again ... Does Nagasaki sound!

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