Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A tea party on land

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A Tea Party on Land,
Not the crazies who threw merchandise overboard,
Not of necessity,
But tax evader, sequentiality!

And thus, the same:
Angry with taxes,
With the only government in the world,
which thinks debt is good!

America, America, Land of the too Free,
The just don't tax us,
And the brave people who recklessly slay!

A tea party they have:
Don't forget who must host:

Alaska's always welcome,
And some Foxy television, or Radio Host!

Maybe she'll shoot, at bears or garden gnomes,

Yet, what are they protesting,
The regular looking average folk?

With tea parties,
But without manners,
And no British accents?

Nor a consumer protest, on taxes on afternoon tea?

No, they protest action, and inaction,
Like the war movement once did,

As change America brays again,
Change and hope, transferred epithets?
Can a Nation Hope, or feel faith?

One change didn't work,
But any smart reader, knew it to boot,

Yet tea parties,
With no British accent,

Really a shame,

Economic conservatives,
Penny box savers,

The real shame, is not the mockery,
The making fun of British class,

No, the true shame is simple,

And really askew:

America voted...

It always starts that way!

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