Friday, September 3, 2010

Whatever your cause- your ally is not God but death!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I wasn't going to write on it,
The man man who made a Discovery,
Who took hostages of a tv net!

Clearly he's never watched their network!
Whale wars- explosive sets!

Yet the madman- branded Eco-Terrorist; the economy unaware eco-movement:

Dangerous in the States,
They said!

And it's not just their smell or bad dress sense!

Conservation is great-
But whatever your cause;

If you have no conscience,
No methods but the cause:
Ride over other people;
Too far you head!

A human life- nothing less!
Human special interests-
The only reason for real conservationists!

Human life- the Water of Life,
That which guides, aids animal life!

If there are no moral methods-
Then no just cause.

Let's not predict armageddon,
Without that-
Man has smarts!

Maybe so or not,
But mankind before animals!

Hapless idiots-
Whose methods serve only death!

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