Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heroes all, even the cowardly 9/11 11/9

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Only a date they say,
Not World Trade Center Attack,
American Tragedy, Selfishly Guarded.

Guarded even from their own,
And any real sense of reality.

Heroes all,
The Bishop did say,
Heroes those who died,
What, because they died?

These cowards who leapt to their deaths,
Who likely knew not at all their fate,
For fear,
Stupidity and weary tears?

Corporate Tycoons,
And conductors of theft?
Waiters, and everyday people of men?

Heroes all,

But don't be bigoted,
9 years on, let's not be phobic!

9 years on,
Many weren't alive,
The past-time, of bishop,
And the American state,
Of the Affairs of their women and their men!

Heroes all, because they died,
And those who gave their lives for Allah?
Cowards- who went to their death as much?
As worthy of death, as some they killed?

"Heroes" all: Americans spent!

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