Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is my inspiration

Poem by Marc Aupiais

We look at a desert world!
Beauty and acclaim!
Death and men ashamed!
Love- not inane!

The Southern Cross-
A star's family ties!
I look to the night-time skies!

The moon- my love in tides!
Do we long for history?
America and the Reds?

Yet, then we were not good,
South Africa never was, nor is!?

From Dutch colony,
To British blood!
Concentrate, camps first here!

What is war and apathy?
Decay around,
World tainted, forest, world tainted Green!
Decay in forest, seen!

I cry- at pointless words of mean!
News, stories, and magazines!

Violence, injustice,
What was love?

Not kindness-
Kindness kills-
A merciful judge-
A travesty!

Judge not?
A judge is honourable!

True love does not stand by!
What would it let us our own hurt?

True love stands-
It does not die!

Nor does it change,
Should society change like the thrown die!

It stands-
It did when need!

Truth is love-
Not foolish orgies!

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